Ginger Bliss

“Poetry in a Bottle” – From the poet’s village comes a celebration of the great Australian poet Henry Kendall.

Ginger Bliss is a delicious alcohol-free old time blend of ginger, elder flower, nutmeg, cloves, chamomile, apple, lemon, thyme, and poppy seed.

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Cranberry Norfolk Punch

Cranberry Norfolk Punch is made to the same, secret recipe as our Original Norfolk Punch but also contains pure cranberry juice to give it a softer, more mellow flavour. This makes for a lighter, more fruity drink whilst still giving the benefits of all the ingredients found in the original recipe.

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Norfolk Punch

This healthy non-alcoholic drink first made by the Benedictine Monks in the 13th Century is nature’s answer to tenseness, tiredness, and the lowness of spirits.

Original Norfolk Punch contains over 30 herbs, berries and spices, and has a remarkable ability to induce a feeling of cheerfulness and well-being.

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Fructus Benedictus

The unique blend of fruits and herbs in Fructus Benedictus offer an extremely pleasant taste sensation not generally found in such beverages.

The fruits of Fructus Benedictus include apple, blackcurrant, elderberry, rowanberry, hawthorn berry cranberry and lemon.

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Heart’s Delight

The traditional tonic of Hawthorn Berries and calming herbs! The primary herbal ingredient of Heart’s Delight – hawthorn berries (Crataegus oxyacantha) – has a long history of use as a heart tonic.

The Chinese used the berries for both digestion and circulatory problems and the ancient Greeks used hawthorn as a heart aid.

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Celtica Herbal Elixir

At last, an after dinner drink that is non-alcoholic and yet tastes like a traditional liqueur. This is truly an outstanding taste sensation.

The herbs used in Celtica Herbal Elixir have a special association with the ancient Celtic culture. It can be drunk chilled, over ice or with a ‘wee dram’.

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Apple Norfolk Punch

Apple Norfolk Punch is made to the same, secret recipe as our Original Norfolk Punch but contains crushed apples and reduced sugar to give it a sharp, tangy flavour.

It is delicious served chilled on a hot day.

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Kosciuzko Mountain Mist

product pictureThe early pioneers and settlers who came to the Snowy Mountains in the 1870’s brought with them their unique culture and cuisine of their former homelands.

Amongst them was the recipe for Gingerette, a delicious blend of lemon, ginger, apple nutmeg, thyme, and peppermint…

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Mixed Dozens

If you don’t want to order a full case of one specific product or would like to try some of our other healthy, herbal drinks, we can now offer you the opportunity to order a mixed case of selected varieties.

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