Dreeemy Creeemy Coconut Honey

Dreeemy Creeemy Coconut Honey is a tantalising taste of tropical Australia.

When you taste this extraordinary honey for the first time, you will not believe that you could have so much pleasure at the end of a spoon.

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Wagga Wagga Rose Honey

Wagga Wagga Rose Honey – A rare blend of pristine alpine honey, ground rosehips and rose petals.

The principle rose in this delicious blend is the famous Wagga Wagga yellow rose, so called after the inland town of Wagga Wagga, ‘The land of smiles and roses’.

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Tasty Tumut Minty Honey

Tasty Tumut Minty Honey is a blend of Snowy Mountains honey with native blue mint growing on alpine slopes of the Tumut Region.

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Liquorice Honey

Liquorice HoneyLiquorice Honey is blended with genuine organic liquorice (not the black confectionary).

A unique rich black savoury honey to add to meats or rice.

Something really different!

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Hinterland Herbal Honey

Hinterland Herbal Honey is truly Australian….a rare blend of hinterland rainforest herbs and bush honey.

Its’ a fantastic taste sensation!

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Norfolk Nectar Honey

Norfolk Nectar is a unique blend of rainforest honey infused with all the herbs of Norfolk Punch, ground rose hips and rose petals.

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