Celtica Herbal Elixir

Celtica Herbal ElixirAt last, an after dinner drink that is non-alcoholic and yet tastes like a traditional liqueur. This is truly an outstanding taste sensation.

The herbs used in Celtica Herbal Elixir have a special association with the ancient Celtic culture and include the following ingredients: heather, oak, aven, sloe, elder, thistle, Irish moss, hawthorn and mistletoe.

These herbs are traditionally found on the moors of Scotland, the mountains of Wales and the shores of Ireland

Celtica can be drunk chilled, over ice or with a ‘wee dram’.

Beautifully presented… for a gift, or for a moment of personal indulgence.

Celtica Herbal Elixir is shipped in cartons of 12 x 500ml bottles

Our Price: AUD$150.00 / dozen

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