Fructus Benedictus

The unique blend of fruits and herbs in Fructus Benedictus offer an extremely pleasant taste sensation not generally found in such beverages.

Fructus Benedictus was developed over a two-year period with the assistance of the late Dr Karin Cutter, one of the leading herbal authorities in Australia.

The fruits of Fructus Benedictus include apple, blackcurrant, elderberry, rowanberry, hawthorn berry cranberry and lemon.

The botanicals that also play a key role in this unique drink include raspberry leaf, chaste tree, St Johns wort, feverfew, angelica, wild yam, ginger, black cohosh, chamomile, gingko, meadowsweet, sarsaparilla, nettle, vervain, lemon balm, passion flower, dong quai, liquorice, ginseng and elderflower.

Many of these herbs are rich in natural oestrogens, making Fructus Benedictus a possible useful aid in treating the adverse symptoms of menopause.

Fructus Benedictus is 100% natural with no sugar and is an excellent drink for social occasions… indeed it has been described as having a merlot style flavour.

Fructus Benedictus is shipped in CASES of 12 bottles (these can be mixed dozens if required).

Our Price: AUD$95.00 dozen

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