Herbal Sports Rub

Blair Montague-Drake's Herbal Sports RubNext to Norfolk Punch, Blair-Montague Drake’s Herbal Sports Rub is the most popular item in our portfolio…

And is truly excellent for the ‘Twinges in your Hinges’.

Blair-Montague Drake’s Herbal Sports Rub was originally developed for top Olympic sportspeople, and now much-valued by a wider range of people … from young to senior citizens.

There is scientific evidence to support the need, by sports people, for a series of warming-up moves and exercises, prior to strenuous exertion. It is this warming-up process that helps to reduce the possibility of sore and pulled muscles.

Similarly, there are equal benefits in the warming-down process after strenuous exertion.

Blair-Montague Drake’s Herbal Sports Rub has proven to be of great benefit in such situations.

This pleasantly aromatic sports rub is highly acclaimed by those with ‘twinges in their hinges’.

It is especially useful in the treatment of those areas of the body affected by arthritics, rheumatics and osteoporosis.

Regular applications of Blair-Montague Drake’s Herbal Sports Rub will greatly assist in the management of such pain.

We receive many letters of praise from satisfied users of the sports rub, all over the world.

Our Price: $8.50 for 50g Jar

Shipping Weight: .2 kg

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