Wagga Wagga Rose Honey

Wagga Wagga Rose HoneyWagga Wagga Rose Honey – A rare blend of pristine alpine honey, ground rosehips and rose petals.

The principle rose in this delicious blend is the famous Wagga Wagga yellow rose, so called after the inland town of Wagga Wagga, ‘The land of smiles and roses’.

Wagga Wagga Rose Honey is a true gourmet blend with aromatic ‘Turkish delight’ overtones. Can be used as a cake topping, addition to ice cream or yoghurt.

The pristine unsprayed Wagga Wagga Rose petals are sourced from the Wagga Wagga Botanic gardens under a special arrangement with The Friends of The Wagga Wagga Botanic Association, to whom we are very grateful. On your next visit to Wagga Wagga, we encourage you to visit this famous rose garden in spring time when the whole garden looks fabulous.

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