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  • Sober, not boring – An alcohol free drink review

    We reached out to Brooke, a blogger and sober lifestyle advocate who tried a range of our healthy, non-alcoholic drinks. She wrote a review on her blog 'Shiny Happy Sober'. You can read the full write up here.

    "In the Norfolk Punch range I tried the ‘Women’s Elixir’ and The ‘Original Norfolk Punch’. Both drinks are packed with berries, herbs and spices. While they claim no medical benefits, they definitely feel like they’re fuelling your body with goodness. The ‘Original Norfolk Punch’ suggests warming it and I can’t even explain how good it tastes! It’s not winter in Australia yet but we’ve been having some very cold nights. This is the perfect accompaniment to sip while you get cosy by the fire. It tasted like a delicious home made mulled wine – minus the hangover!"


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