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Cayenne Chilli Tonic

Cayenne Chilli Tonic

Taste the goodness of our hot Cayenne Chilli pepper in a refreshing tonic with a balanced and enjoyable heat sensation. Spice up your drinks with this amazing taste sensation plus a refreshing kick that lingers.

  • Cayenne Chilli Pepper - adrenal support & immunity
  • Ginger - digestion, circulation, anti-inflammatory
  • Orange and Lime juices - refreshes and soothes

Capsaicin (which provides the heat) in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties known to increase endorphin levels.

Dilute 20mls tonic with 80mls (1:4 or to taste) sparkling water, into tea or juice, or as a mixer w/without alcohol.

Gluten free, suitable for Coeliacs & Diabetics.

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